Historical Philanthropies

Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU

In 1921, Kappa Deltas in our founding state became interested in the fine work being done by a pioneer in treating polio victims. William Tate Graham, M.D., became renowned for his revolutionary approaches, and never turned away any patient for inability to pay. Beginning with the support of two beds in the fledgling clinic, Kappa Delta made a commitment to help.

Currently, Children’s Hospital treats all manner of children’s problems. Still no one is turned away for financial reasons. Kappa Delta’s support continues — donating the funds to build an operating room, develop a clinic, and buy a van to transport patients. Through the sale of Kappa Delta Christmas Seals, the Kappa Delta Foundation provides support for this historical philanthropy.

Orthopaedic Research Awards

Often called the “Nobel Prize of Orthopaedic Research,” Kappa Delta’s Orthopaedic Research Awards are presented annually. Three $20,000 awards recognize outstanding research in orthopaedics and enable the researchers to continue their efforts.

The awards have gone to researchers who have made key discoveries pertaining to bone grafting, polio, scoliosis, club foot, knee replacement, osteoporosis, arthroscopic surgery and children’s growth problems – in short, most of the leading orthopaedic advances of the past 60 years. First presented in 1950, the awards have grown in stature to become the most coveted awards in this field.

The awards are made possible through the support of the Kappa Delta Foundation Christmas Seal program. 

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